Inspiration for planning / プランのヒント

We went to Numazu, Shizuoka for checking our 3rd project. It was the moving day from old shop to new shop.
We had wonder feeling in the old shop that was almost empty.

There was a mirror in the corner of the room, hanging in 45 degrees. The mirror was long as from floor to the ceiling.
We could see the reflection of green garden in the mirror, almost looked like the room was connected to another world over the room. Not having corners blurred the outline of the space.

Below are sketches that I drew on the train back, see if this is applicable for our Ietsuku4 space.

+ square shaped rooms would sit next to each other with their corners are jointed.
+ the corners would be connection points for each space.
+ not having corners blurs the outline of the space.
+ the spaces would intermingle with each other
+ and you get fresh air coming through the space.